Taking a Short Break!

Hi everybody, Just a quick update on my daily readings...I am going to take a short hiatus on the tarot readings. I've been doing a lot of spring cleaning in my house (invigorating!) and realize that I need a little bit of time to catch up on my own personal energy. Spring cleaning for the mind perhaps...! I haven't missed a day's reading in over two years until this weekend. I feel like I need this right now and am giving myself permission to take a break. So, I've been playing my guitar every day, am learning piano & have been redecorating my home. I'm also having a great year teaching ESOL at my elementary school. All fun things! To those who reached out to me or left a comment -- no worries, I am fine! Much love, light and peace to everyone! ❤️🙏Karen

Playing Guitar 2019.png